Meeting timeline

The Meeting Timeline

  • 09:30 Open Networking & Registration
  • 09.50 Breakfast is served
  • 10.15 60 second round
  • 10.30 Start of the 10 minute feature presentation
  • 10.45 Time for questions from the floor
  • 10:55 Next meeting, testimonials and thank you
  • 11:00 Meeting Close

You have two breakfast options:

  • Full English
  • Vegetarian

*Please note that if you have any special dietary requests or any food allergies please let us know within 48 hours of the meeting.

We start with open networking with ample Coffee and Tea served.

The meeting is opened by Alistair and then usually starts with a 60 second round.

While breakfast is being served we pass around a stack of your business cards for other members to contact you later.

Moving on we usually have one of the group given 10 minutes to talk about their business, we try to keep them varied and helpful.

With ample coffee and tea served you have a great opportunity to speak to someone of interest you have heard about.

** Please note these times may vary due to number of attendees